Lyn Cole HBCEHYPNOBIRTHING® INSTITUTE CERTIFIED PRACTITIONERLyn Cole is the founder and owner of HypnoBirthing® Hampshire.  She uses her vast experience to teach HypnoBirthing Natural Childbirth classes in Hampshire and surrounding areas. Her classes are small and in an intimate setting where you will feel free to ask and share. Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Master NLP practitioner, Advanced EFT practitioner, HypnoBirthing and Fertility Therapist.
HypnoBirthing® offers you “Class” and so much more!
Doctors & Midwifes love HB®Educated, confident, deeply relaxed mothers, who feel empowered to birth naturally and have much fewer complications; That’s what attendants at HypnoBirthings have seen and love! HB is an effective childbirth class.
HypnoBirthing® in the PressSee what the media has to say when they investigate and report on the benefits of Hypnobirth childbirth classes. From Time Magazine to Newsweek, to ABC News and the Associated Press.
LinksWith our birthing class not only you get all the information you need to feel confident and knowledgeable, but you will also get our accumulated knowledge and resources. From birth centers to breastfeeding, to yoga classes.
F. A. Q.Frequently asked questions. Check here for answers to the most commonly asked questions about HypnoBirthing® and our birth classes. Does HypnoBirthing® benefit mothers who must have a Cesarean?
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